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Wild at Heart Lottery

Wild at Heart Boot Camp

“Wild at Heart Boot Camp isn’t just another men’s retreat.  That’s the last thing anybody needs. The reason most messages for men ultimately fail is simple: they ignore what is deep and true to a man’s heart and try to shape him up through various forms of pressure.

Not this. This weekend is an honest, no-BS trek into the deep passions and desires of a man’s heart, the healing of the wounds he’s taken in this battle, the realm of fatherhood and sex and God and calling—life as it was meant to be lived.

Through the sessions, times of quiet reflection, movies, adventures and downtime, you will discover something profound about the heart of God and the heart he gave you as a man. Those who come say it is one of the greatest weekends of their entire life.” – Ransomed Heart

Click Here for Wild at Heart Events Schedule and Lotter Dates:

Payment is not required when you enter the lottery.  If you are selected in the lottery, you will be given a registration/payment deadline.  If you are not selected in the lottery, you will be put on the wait list and given a priority code for the next event lottery.

Why a Lottery?
“We have chosen to use a lottery process because of high demand for our events. Demand exceeds supply. All economic laws are telling us “more” is the answer… charge more money…do more retreats… include more people! But God has entrusted us with a message–a message about the heart in which “more” is often heart-killing. We want you to experience these retreats (and most importantly experience your God in life-changing ways), but not at the cost of sacrificing the message we want you to experience. So, to better serve all of those interested in attending, we are using a lottery selection process.  The Event lottery will not accept groups larger than 5. ” – Ransomed Heart 

Click here, for more information on the Wild at Heart Bootcamp experience.


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