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Unforgettable Disney

Unforgettable Destinations - Disney

Unforgettable Destinations is a free travel agency offering concierge vacation planning services.  You pay for the vacation and we do all of the work. No added fees for using our services to book vacation packages.   

The Disney World Resort is 42,000 acres boasting 27 resorts, four theme parks, two water parks, 139 restaurants, and countless other attractions.  Its been said that you could spend two weeks at Disney World and still not experience all it has to offer.  Since its birth in 1971, Disney World has grown and flourished continually adding and changing attractions, restaurants, resorts, and amenities annually.  This vacation mecca can seem overwhelming.  Unforgettable Destinations allows you to maximize your experience to provide the best value.  Our experts are filled with insider tips and firsthand knowledge of all up to date information as we allow our agents the opportunity to visit on annual site surveys. Our complimentary package includes:

  1. Expert Guidance – We take the time to identify your needs and your budget to provide the best vacation.
  2. Professional Advice – All of our agents are graduates of the Disney School of Knowledge and regularly research, study, and even vacation Disney as often as possible.
  3. Money Saving Strategies – We track all specials through Disney and will apply a discount if applicable even after you have booked with us.
  4. Hands on planning – Our company takes great care in helping you plan special attraction times, dining reservations, and even park schedules to assure you have a unique experience from the time your arrive until the time you return home should you request it.
  5. Personal Concierge – Have a last minute thought about a special surprise for your family?  Decide to add a day onto your stay at the last minute?  We are available to help you!
  6. Time Saving Experience– It’s been researched that some guests will spend as much as 100 hours planning for a vacation with 50 of those hours spent on the phone.  Allow us to take charge while you enjoy your family time leading up to your vacation. Leave the lengthy phone conversations to us while we work out all details of your special trip.
  7. Stress Free Scheduling from start to finish – Need a restroom in the Magic Kingdom?  Call us.  Can’t find your dining confirmations?  Call us.  Family wants a special reservation you neglected to make and the restaurant is sold out?  Call us.  We are here to help every step of the way.


Call 1.800.450.8123 to speak to an Unforgettable Destinations representative about planning your unforgettable Disney vacation or visit us online at Unforgettable Destinations. 


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  1. Hi, my name is Ryan Shaffett and I am an American who has been working working in China for 15 years where God has called my family. I am involved in several programs here (BAMs if you are familiar with the term) and recently my Chinese partner I am working with has started a program sending Chinese to the US for unique travel and training programs. We see a large amount of potential for this business and although we have been able to organize many aspects of these programs well ourselves, we realize our inexperience in the travel business may become a limiting factor for growing the diversity of programs we offer. So I was interested to see your company’s unique model when I searched the internet for travel businesses with a faith component of their business. Not sure if your business model could include that but if you are interested in talking more, we would love to explore it. One example of cooperation we would like to explore is my Chinese partner expressed the ability that he could sell Disney vacations well or even sell out a full Disney cruise if we could get them to do a Chinese themed voyage with a handful of Chinese speaking service staff. However, we imagine it would be a challenge to get started talking with Disney as we are pretty new to the business. Anyway, hope to hear from you if these types of project and cooperation is of interest to your company.

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