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Premier Christian Cruises

Premier Experience known for years as Premier Christian Cruises charters cruise ships (usually the whole boat!) in order to give passengers an exciting and unique experience.

Best known for their K-Love Cruise and Music Boat, Premier has also featured specialty cruises that include: the Girls Getaway, Marriage Cruise, Property Brothers, and Duck Commander Cruise featuring the Duck Dynasty family.

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Boats and destinations vary, but you won’t lack for sun and fun, fellowship and worship.



Check the schedule of upcoming trips at Premier-Experience.


Experiencing a Premiere Christian Cruise

In the past I’d always gone on a secular cruise so I was curious how a Christian cruise would be different.

Right away I could tell the staff from Premier was different.  They all had a smile and genuinely seemed as excited about the opportunity to serve us as we were to take the cruise.

The first day we arrived at the cruise ship we were giving our room keys also known as our Set Sail Cards and a detailed schedule of the day’s events.  There was always something planned including a special celebration.  Once onboard the ship passengers are greeted by Bob & Larry from Veggie Tales.  This made the kids so excited to meet their Veggie Tale Friends.  It is also one of many picture opportunities.

At Set Sail time there is a fun Sail Away Party on the Pool Deck with live entertainment and the chance to wave goodbye to the port.  Let the FUN begin!

Seriously, there is never a lack of options once the boat hits open water.  The Premier Staff has planned something for every hour from morning on into night.  On the first day there are 4 concerts with some of your favorite Christian artists, 2 comedy acts, Karaoke, Salsa Dance Class, Teen Mix and Mingle, Autograph Session, Trivia contest, Dance Music with Soundwaves Quartet, Singles Mingle, Teen Time, and a late movie starting at midnight for those of us that are just not ready to call it a night.

Not to mention all the sports opportunities, do you like basketball, rock climbing, table tennis, how about a jog around the top pool deck?  There is so much to do that it makes your heart leap!  But if you want to sit back and do absolutely nothing then the atmosphere of relaxation is present as well.  There are many “secret” spots available where you can steal away and read a book, take a nap, or dig deep into a Bible Study.  This cruise offers it all.

The thing I think I noticed the most about the Premiere cruise was the atmosphere.  It WAS noticeably different than the secular cruises I had been on before.  People were genuinely nice from the Premier staff, the ship staff, and the other passengers.  I never worried about walking around the boat alone.  I felt completely safe.

I had the opportunity to talk to some of the cruise ship staff about the passengers and their opinion of the atmosphere.  The ship staff all stated how well behaved and nice the Premier cruisers were, how pleasant it had been to serve the cruisers, and how they were going to miss us.  Even the staff of the cruise line noticed a difference.

So you ask why cruise with Premier Christian Cruises?  Here are my top 5 reasons:

  1. Christian Atmosphere
  2. Christian Artists
  3. Kind staff and passengers
  4. Clean acts, entertainment, and environment
  5. FUN for everyone!!!
Transportation Option

Premier Cruises offer transportation options to get you where you need to be.  It was nice to know that when I arrived at the airport, my transportation had been taken care of to get me safely shuttled to the hotel.  On embarkation day transportation package passengers have specific times to board buses for the boat.  This process is effective in minimizing lines and waits.   And finally, there is a shuttle back to the airport on the last day.   Well worth the modest fee.

Required Travel Documents

From Premier Christian Cruise’s Pre-Cruise Details:

Proper travel documentation is required at embarkation and throughout the cruise and is the responsibility of the guest. Any guest traveling without proper documentation will not be allowed to board the vessel and no refund of the cruise fare will be issued. U.S. citizens are encouraged to show a U.S. passport. If they do not have a passport, they should be prepared to provide a government-issued photo ID (e.g. Driver’s License) and proof of U.S. citizenship such as a U.S. birth certificate. The Department of State is now issuing passport cards in response to the need for a less expensive and more portable alternative to the traditional passport book.  Please see U.S. Department of State for more information on the passport card.

From the U.S. Department of State Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative:

“Closed Loop” Cruises: U.S. citizens who board a cruise ship at a port within the United States, travel only within the Western Hemisphere, and return to the same U.S. port on the same ship may present a government issued photo identification, along with proof of citizenship (an original or copy of his or her birth certificate, a Consular report of Birth Abroad, or a Certificate of Naturalization). Please be aware that you may still be required to present a passport to enter the foreign countries your cruise ship is visiting. Check with your cruise line to ensure you have the appropriate documents.



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  1. Went on 2 Music Boat Cruises. 2008 & 2009. The most Awesome experience I have ever had. I am really wanting to go on another cruise and have considered a secular one but just DONT think I can do it. I know I would be sorry.

  2. I’m interested in a Christian veggie tales cruise for me and my five lil babies ages 4,7,8

  3. Is this a specific VeggieTales cruise that you are commenting about above? Or do they have this on all Premier cruises?

    • There is not, to our knowledge, a Veggie Tales specific cruise. Bob and Larry are often aboard Premiere cruises making periodic appearances for photo opportunities.

      Hope that helps.

  4. Do you guys do the veggies tale cruise? An if so when will you do it again

    • Great question. For clarity, the Premiere Experience cruises do not to our knowledge have a full Veggie Tales Cruise. They usually have Veggie Tales characters (Larry and Bob) appear in the main lobby for families to bring their kids for pictures similar to how Disney cruises have their characters appear for family photos.

  5. Do you ever do Christian Singles Cruises?

    Thank you.

    • Great question Maria. We’ll see how the folks at Premiere respond. So far, we’re not aware of a cruise specific to singles, though we can attest to the fact that most cruises have a healthy mix of singles, married without, and married with children. On each cruise there are usually singles events, though we’re not certain of the sponsors, i.e. whether Premiere or the cruise line.

  6. Do you all ever have a veggietale cruise? I’ve heard of these, but I can’t find anything on it. I’m looking for a cruise that would have this theme.

  7. I highly recommend you stay away from this cruise line. You are forced into automatic withdrawals for payments or pay everything up front. If you have to cancel, you are issued NO refund, even if you cancel months in advance- they keep your money and re-book the room at an even higher rate than what you paid. And they are very rude to deal with. This “Christian” company is a scam.

    • Dear Disappointed, thanks for sharing your comments. We’re sorry to hear of your less than premiere experience with booking/cancelling. Since we’ve not had that situation arise in our travels with Premiere, we can only empathize and hope your future travels, wherever they take you are more pleasing. For those that make it onboard, we’ve found the cruise experience to be positive and Christ centered. – CX Traveler

    • Disappointed, we have the same thing happening RIGHT NOW! totally robbed me and my family of the money we paid. NEVER BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Dear Same situation, We’re sorry to hear of your less than premiere experience with booking/cancelling. Since we’ve not had that situation arise in our travels with Premier, we can only empathize and hope your future travels, wherever they take you are more pleasing. For those that make it on board, we’ve found the cruise experience to be positive and Christ centered. – Blessings – K

    • Agreed, I’m currently in the same situation right now. The ‘non christian’ cruise lines would have done a full refund due to the nature of our situation and early time frame of our notice given. Also, Premier will have no problem reselling our tickets and making sure they get as much money as possible. I’m not saying the cruise itself and staff are not wonderful, but this is wrong. I’m out five grand but they aren’t.

  8. I am looking for a Christian cruise that I can get married on. Is there such a thing

    • Dear Cyndie – We know in the past some of the Christian cruises have held marriage ceremonies.
      Some cruise lines have a pastor onboard but you need to arrange for them to be available ahead of time.
      If I were you I would call one of the following Christian Cruise lines and see which one is the most appealing & accomodating to your needs.
      The Christian cruises we would recommend are as follows:

      I hope this is helpful <3
      Many blessings - K

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