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Living Passages Christian Cruises

Oia village on Santorini island, Greece

Living Passages specializes in one-of-a-kind Christian cruises that combine luxury accommodations with Biblical exploration, on smaller, boutique ships.  The focus of each cruise is to go deeper in your faith while enjoying relaxation and the beauty of the Mediterranean.  Living Passages specializes unique archeological Bible sites, not offered on a typical Christian cruise. The small group size on each cruise makes quality fellowship possible and creates a better experience on Bible tours.


On our cruises, each day begins with choices!  Passengers can sleep in and enjoy the luxury of coffee delivered to their door with breakfast in bed or join a small group at the back of the ship watching the sun come up in a time of devotion and sharing.  There will be discussion-based studies each day on topics such as life purpose, the Biblical destinations as they are today, both spiritually and physically, serving, the role of mission trips, family, kingdom focused business and other Christian subjects. Most of the day is then spent ashore learning, meeting others and touring. The group will also have time to explore the beauty, history and culture of the islands and cities, and enjoy activities like hiking, snorkeling and windsurfing during their tropical adventure. Evenings on the boat include sunset dinners, fellowship, Bible studies and worship under the stars.

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  1. I would like to know information on this cruise, how much it will cost. is this done or any upcoming cruise for next year, my web browser isnt loading. thank you

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