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Outreach begins with prayer and is followed by giving of our time and resources. Millions across the globe are persecuted for their faith while billions are ignorant of Jesus, lost in their sins, and desperate for hope. Give to support the spread of the Gospel.

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We’ve all seen TV commercials, online ads, or heard commercials soliciting money for a worthy cause.  Often these ads carry Christian names or messages.  You may have even seen a presentation at your church or elsewhere.  But which ones are trustworthy.  Which one is best.  Our giving pages seek to provide unbiased information you can use to choose financial support global ministries that further the Gospel, sometimes through direct evangelism and other times by combating poverty and associated issues that draw recipients to Christ.

With thousands of ministries needing support, deciding to give is much easier than deciding where to give. Often, donors respond to a fundraising request for support whether an advertisement on TV or the web or an in-person presentation at church, an event, or concert. For the discerning mind, there are a couple of Christian websites you can put to work to help you find a ministry that fits with your beliefs and passions.

  • ECFA is the Christian version of the Better Business Bureau which was founded in 1979 as an accrediting body to avoid government oversight. Member organizations submit to ECFA’s Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship that address the following: doctrinal statement, board/financial oversight, financial statement submission, use of resources, financial disclosure, conflicts of interest, and fundraising. For more information on ECFA or to search it’s member database for profile and financial highlights, visit
  • Ministry Watch is an independent donor advocacy organization operating like Consumer Reports or a watchdog group. Ministry Watch provides in-depth overviews of each reviewed organization along with clear pros and cons of each. Financial data is contextual, related to like organizations so that you can see the efficiency of a ministry relative to similar organizations within its sector. Ministries are reviewed using an objective calculation to determine its star rating. Ministry Watch also provides a subjective list of 30 organizations they’ve deemed Shining Lights but perhaps more important is the list of 30 organizations they highlight with Donor Alert because they “engage in questionable practices that should cause donors to pause before giving.” For more information on Ministry Watch or to search it’s member database for profile and financial highlights, visit

Don’t think you can afford to give? Think again. The question is whether you can afford not to give.

Looking for recommendations for giving to support the Gospel?  Here are a few ideas for Christian charitable giving. You’ll notice that many organizations utilize child sponsorship as a primary means of fund raising in order to put a face with the place you are supporting.  Child sponsorship is not to be taken lightly. At the risk of stating the obvious, children benefit most when there is a long term commitment to sponsor and an equal commitment to correspond with and pray for the child.  Note that not all child sponsorship programs are the same; do some research and above all, pray about the decision.

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  1. Please remove the endorsement of GFA. They were terminated from ECFA in October, half their board resigned, and 30-year board member has disclosed the coverups and misdeeds by KP Yohannan. Ministry Watch issued a Donor Alert to Do Not Give. Thank you. Mark

    • Thank you so much Mark for making us aware. -CTA

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